Tips on Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

May 06 2014, Mike Lavigne

Tips on Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

Look inside the driver's side door jam to know the recommended tire pressure for your VW.

Tips for Tire Pressure

• Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold (i.e. not driven for 3 hours or for more than a couple of kms).
• Check tire pressure, monthly, in the morning and before long road trips.
• Always keep your tire pressure at the VW recommended level.
• Check tire pressure if there has been a rapid change in the outside temperature. If the outside temperature increases 10 degrees F, the tire pressure will increase by up to 2 PSI.
• The automated tire gauges at most gas stations are not reliable. Under-inflate according to their gauge and then verify with your own gauge.

Do you need a tire gauge? Stop by and pick up a FREE tire gauge.

Under-Inflated Tires Will Not Maintain Their Shape

• Causing them to lose traction
• Possibly increase hydroplaning in wet weather
• Reduce fuel economy
• Wear unevenly and prematurely
• Low tire pressure can cause tires to get too hot, resulting in tread separation.
• High-speed driving in high temperatures could cause a blowout!

Over-Inflated Tires

• Give a rougher ride because they are more rigid.
• Cause premature wearing in the middle.
• They are also more prone to hydroplaning in wet weather.
• They are more likely to be damaged by hitting potholes or other debris on the road.

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