Tips on How to Keep Your Trunk Clean

February 06 2018, Mike Lavigne

Tips on How to Keep Your Trunk Clean

Rid yourself of the aftermath of winter, and keep your vehicle’s trunk clean this spring!

With all the snow and salt stains left over from winter, these tips will really help your car shine again! Also, with spring coming back around, messes from flower planters, mulch, and soil are inevitable.

Clean out the interior. Remove heavy, excess cargo from your trunk or vehicle’s interior. Driving around with extra weight in your vehicle slows you down and reduces fuel efficiency, forcing you to spend more money on gas. Also, this adds to wear and tear of vehicle  suspension, brakes, and tires.

Use the right automotive cleaning products. Whether you’re washing the inside or outside of your vehicle (you should do both, by the way!) make sure you are using cleaning products specifically made for automobiles. Using regular soaps or cleaning agents can damage your paintjob, leather seats or more.

Vacuum the inside. You'll want to work from the top down, because gravity dictates that stuff stirred up works its way toward the floor. Also, yank out the salt-caked floor mats for a quick pass with the vacuum. Then use a house or shop vac and a rigid tool such as a screwdriver to work dirt out of the creases.

Scrub carpet and upholstery. This step is optional, but worth the satisfying results. Grab a spray bottle of automotive-upholstery-and-carpet cleaner and a heavy-duty scrub brush to clean the soft parts of the interior. Spray the seats or anything cloth-covered; scrub, then wipe down. Repeat at least one more time, moving to the carpet for the same job. Being thorough with the carpet is important, as it can act like a filthy, salty, wet rag. You'll be amazed at how much better the car smells.

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