Tips for Removing Salt Stains from Your Vehicle's Carpet and Mats

February 06 2018, Mike Lavigne

Tips for Removing Salt Stains from Your Vehicle's Carpet and Mats

Supplies to Have on Hand:

1. Vacuum - preferably a wet/dry shop vac.
2. Spray bottle filled with a mixture of half white vinegar, half water.
3. Scouring brush (an old toothbrush will do).


1. Thoroughly vacuum your vehicle’s carpet and mats. Remove mats to clean them.
2. Lightly spray the vinegar/water mixture on the salt stains.
3. Let soak in for 2 or 3 minutes. The vinegar will break down the salt.
4. Scrub lightly with a stiff brush. Do not be too rough and push salt further into the carpet.
5. Use wet vac to vacuum the area and remove the excess moisture. If you do not have a wet vac, use a clean dry cloth to absorb moisture. It is important to get the moisture out to prevent mildew.
6. Repeat this process as necessary to remove the stains.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Consider using Monster Mats to reduce salt damage. Monster Mats not only protect your carpet but are specifically designed to fit your VW.

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