Tips for Preparing Your Car for Vacation

February 06 2018, Mike Lavigne

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Vacation

Going on holiday can be stressful. Put your mind at ease by making sure your car is ready for the road trip. A little preventative maintenance can eliminate costly on-the-road problems and avoid ruining your holiday. Here are some useful tips:

Things to Keep in Your Car

 Ownership & Insurance
 Owners’ Manual (VW Roadside Assistance: 1-800-411-6688)
 Extra windshield washer fluid
 Emergency kit (e.g. first aid)
 Map (as an extra precaution)


 Check the tire pressure
 Check oil level
 Check windshield washer fluid

Have your Dealership:
 Complete a “Pre-Vacation Check”
 Ensure your regular maintenance has been done

Fuel Consumption

Driving habits and vehicle maintenance directly affect fuel consumption. This could be of concern, particularly on long trips. See our article: “Tips for Conserving Fuel”

Before you leave, consider:
 Filling up your tank
 Washing your car
 Stocking your car with cleaning supplies (for accidental spills)
 Having an entertainment container to occupy children

Other items to consider bringing:
 An extra set of car keys
 Sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer
 Water, towels

Be prepared in the event you are stuck in traffic:
 Have water and snacks on hand
 Have a cell phone and charger

Other considerations

 Notify a friend or family member of your travel plans
 Get “out-of-country” insurance
 Have someone check on your home while you are away
 Stop newspaper and/or mail service
 Consider advising your credit card companies for extended absences
 Bring medications
 Make frequent stops to reduce fatigue
 Park in the shade or leave your windows slightly ajar when temperatures rise
 If you are bringing a pet along, consider its needs

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