Has Your Timing Belt Timed Out?

February 06 2018, Mike Lavigne

Has Your Timing Belt Timed Out?

What You Need to Know

The timing belt is located on the front end of the engine and connects the crankshaft and the camshaft. It acts to keep the moving parts synchronized at all times. The timing belt also serves to avoid an impact between pistons and valves, which would cause serious engine damage.

During its product lifecycle, the timing belt covers an enormous distance inside the engine equivalent to more than six times around the globe. After an extended service period, the timing belt could wear (crack and/or stretch).

If the timing belt snaps, the pistons will strike the valves that are left open, bending or breaking them. At the very least, the cylinder head will have to be replaced. At the worst, even the most durable engine can fail in seconds.

More than half of all engine damage in older vehicles can be attributed to defective timing
belts. Service intervals vary depending on the model and engine, but usually start at 90,000
km. Low mileage customers should replace the timing belt at least once every 8 years.

We use Volkswagen Original Timing Belts because they are made of high-strength synthetic and glass fibres. They have a wear-resistant coating and can withstand the rigours of tough, frequent use, and a wide range of conditions. They are extremely heat and moisture resistant and can withstand temperature fluctuations ranging from polar cold to scorching engine heat. The VW original timing belts work best with Volkswagen Original tensioners to maintain ideal belt tension at all times and extend their service life, making it possible to keep the engine precisely tuned at all times.

We use the right part for your car at the right price – German-engineered, built to last, and backed by a limited warranty of 1 year/20,000 km. Keep your Volkswagen a Volkswagen.

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