Dog Toys Inspired By VW Parts

May 16 2018,

Dog Toys Inspired By VW Parts

Even dogs like real Volkswagen Parts!

Do you have a dog? If so, the chances are that your dog has played with a Volkswagen inspired dog toy.

Dog playing with Volkswagen part inspired Kong

That's right...The Kong - a very popular dog toy was inspired by a Volkswagen part.  The creator and Kong Company founder, Joe Markham created the Kong in the 1970's when he realized that his dog was ruining its teeth chewing on rocks.

The solution? He found that his dog enjoyed chewing on a hard rubber Volkswagen Bus suspension device.  After 6 years of experimenting with different compounds that could create a chew toy of similar shape, size and durability to that of the VW Bus suspension device, Markham had a win.  The Kong has gone on to sell world wide since the 1980's and Doglopedia(2005) described the Kong as possibly the best-known dog toy in the world!

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