A Bomb Discovered in Wolfsburg

July 12 2016, Hunt Club Volkswagen

A Bomb Discovered in Wolfsburg

During some expansion works at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory, workers found something pretty unusual: a few metres away from one of their buildings, they digged up four metal objects.

In a lot of countries, this would merely be scrap metal. In Europe however, where two world wars took place, additional precautions must be taken.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that three of the four metal objects were nothing dangerous. However, the fourth one was an American bomb that was dropped in the early forties. The bomb weighed 181 kilos and was still active.

Since German bomb engineers are used to this sort of findings, this wasn't alarming. They simply defused it, and said it was a pretty standard US bomb, the likes of which hundreds were dropped on Wolfsburg during WWII.

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